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Working from 2004 year


“GEOINGSERVICE”, LLP, was established on the 6th April 2004.

The business is aimed essentially at providing the services within ground-based geotechnical surveys. Since its foundation, the company has been dealing closely with the international Group Fugro. In 2006 “Fugro Engineering”, LLP, became its sole proprietor. That meant, “GEOINGSERVICE”, LLP, integrated into the Group Fugro officially.

The principal customers of “GEOINGSERVICE”, LLP, are design, survey, building and construction organisations.Very often the works are realised on demand and under supervision of the European companies. To perform the surveys, those in their turn choose “GEOINGSERVICE”, LLP, as the contractor. They are sure in bona fide, in the first-rate execution of the directions in full conformity with all the special requirements referring to the findings and data accuracy.

Predominantly “GEOINGSERVICE” performs ground-based surveys. Meanwhile, the personnel is frequently engaged into subsea investigations, geotechnical control, supervision and consulting.

Thanks to the “GEOINGSERVICE” activities, the opportunities of the Group Fugro have been enlarging considerably and substantially.

Procedural and technical support; cooperation with the partners; personnel’s participation in the international undertakings; application of the advanced, up-to-date machinery; systems of the quality control and project management – all the points mentioned above, as well as many others single out the company on the Russian market of the geotechnical surveys, allowing to realise multiple tangled complex investigations.



Since 2006 “GEOINGSERVICE”, LLP, has been performing multiple complex surveys at the objects of various scale: from moderate investigations – to design single buildings; to considerable ones – to create industrial premises and infrastructure.
The Company is remarked by the large geography. It realises the activities within the territories of diversified and heterogeneous conditions, including the Far North. Managing such cases, “GEOINGSERVICE”, LLP, executes a part of works, controls subcontractors and fulfils the final reports. To accomplish considerable orders, the firm addresses to the partners, which are known for their exceptional stainless reputation. Those must as well possess the appropriate experience, personnel and equipment.

“GEOINGSERVICE”, LLP proposals performing following type of investigation:

  • topographical
  • hydrometeorological
  • ecological
  • geotechnical
  • geological
    “GEOINGSERVICE”, LLP proposals performing following type of investigation:
  1. drilling
  2. cone penetration testing (CPT) with measurement of:
    • pore pressure (CPTU),
    • seismic waves (SCPTU),
    • resistivity (RCPTU),
    • temperature, including permafrost (TCPT)
  3. dynamic penetration testing
  4. seismic dilatometer testing (SDMT)
  5. plate load testing
  6. hydrogeological works
  7. standard penetration testing (SPT)
  8. static plate load pile testing
  9. geodetic survey
  10. ecological works

Quite often the entrance of the foreign agents into the Russian market provokes objective disputes between the local researcher and the designer from abroad. The latter creates the technical specification knowing neither the Russian legal requirements, nor standards. The former does not understand how to cope with the task. It results into mutual reproaches. The fruits and conclusions of the surveys cause credibility gap and Customer’s mistrust.вторые не понимают, как им в такой ситуации работать. В итоге процесс сотрудничества изобилует взаимными упреками, а представленные результаты изысканий зачастую вызывают недоверие у Заказчика.

“GEOINGSERVICE”, LLP, has proved its skills in harmonising and balancing the foreign tasks and Russian reality. This process becomes much more successful if the Company is called at the stage of developing and creating the project. Then, the methods of surveys and the format of the final reports, results, etc., could be agreed in advance.

The personnel of “GEOINGSERVICE”, LLP, is frequently recruited to execute the geotechnical supervision at the time of preparing the site and constructing.

To monitor the piles; to evaluate the quality of the material as well as of the backfilling soil compaction, the Company applies the equipment produced by the leading manufacturers.

Significant experience in cooperating with the foreign agents, language competence, the possibility to engage fully and highly qualified specialists from the external Fugro subdivisions increase the efficiency and efficacy of work considerably!




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55°40′54″N 37°30′60″E
119331, office 1104 Vernadskogo avenue, 29, Moscow, Russian Federation
Valery Gmirya
Deputy of director:
Dmitry Vankov
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